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Answers to some frequently asked questions

Who is Therapy Workshops?
Therapy Workshops is run by Sandra and John who are a sister and brother team. To read their bio’s, click here.
Where are you?
Therapy Workshops are physically located in West Lothian in the United Kingdom. We deliver continued professional development for counsellors and psychotherapists in the United Kingdom via our online workshops.
When are the workshops held?
Most workshops are held on a Wednesday evening between 7 and 9pm GMT.
Additional workshop times and days will be available from time to time and a full timetable can be found on the home page.
How long are the workshops?
Mostly workshops are split into 3 parts, each part is 2 hours long. The separate parts are spread across 3 months.
Why are the workshops divided into 3 parts?
We want to make the workshops as accessible as possible, dividing the workshops into 3 parts means that the time and financial commitment can be spread across 3 months. 
How much do the workshops cost?
The workshops cost £29.99 for each 2 hour part. There will also be the cost of a local call, unless you dial in using Skype which is free.
How do I join a workshop?
To join the workshops all you need is a phone, you can use your mobile phone, your home phone and can even call in using skype. If you can be hands free you will be more comfortable.

When you book a workshop you will receive a number to call and your own PIN code.

We have local call rates in 20 countries and if you call in using Skype, the call is free. 

You will also get an email with a link so that if you are near a computer you can click the link and see the presenter on screen and any resources they are sharing. 
What if I don't like the workshop I attend?
All the workshops come with a 30 day money back guarantee, if you feel that the workshop hasn’t added any value for you please email us within 30 days of the workshop and let us know. We will happily refund you the money that you have paid for the workshop.
How do you pick the workshop presenters?
The workshop presenters are all practitioners that we have previously worked with at onlinevents.co.uk and who have had requests to do more training online.

However we are open to ideas and if you are interested in working with us please get in touch.
Who can join the workshops?
The workshops are open to anyone interested in the helping professions who is interested in learning and contributing in an environment based on respect and collaboration.